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We help active people avoid unnecessary surgery and medications to recover from injury and stay active to enjoy the life they love.

Our Treatment Style

“We focus 100% on you and your goals.”

  • 1 : 1 hour-long private sessions

  • Full session with the doctor

  • Individualized treatment plan using hands- on manual therapy

  • A Holistic approach, treating the entire person and not just “an injury”

  • A personalized action plan after every appointment

  • On-demand access to home recovery strategy videos

  • Complimentary check-ins to help you stay on track

What People Are Saying

Hi! I'm Dr. Maria Milhous

I am a mom of two boys, a wife, and a physical therapist. I used to have back pain that really slowed me down, and I quickly realized that the traditional “PT” methods weren’t going to solve my pain and get me back to working out at the level I wanted. So, I ditched the traditional method and crafted my own style to help people get to the cause of their pain so that they can address it and get on with their life. My passion is now to create new ways to get information to help others live healthy, happy, productive, and fantastic lives.

How We Are Different

At Milhous Physical Therapy LLC, we highly value your time and energy. As a family-owned practice, we understand that your time away from your family and job is important and must be utilized efficiently. That’s why we get to the heart of what’s causing your pain. It is our priority to not only figure out the root cause but also teach you how to perform techniques similar to what Dr. Maria uses in order to find healing. With a hands-on approach, Dr. Maria seeks to help you meet your goals in fewer sessions than traditional PT. Gone are the days of going to therapy three times per week but not feeling any better.

Because of her desire to provide the highest level of care to clients, Dr. Maria has chosen not to have relationships with any insurance companies or plans. In a world where insurance companies dictating your medical care is the norm, Dr. Maria seeks to give ownership back to YOU the client. She prioritizes your needs and goals, not those of the insurance companies. It’s time that healthcare decisions are made between the doctors and the patients. That way you can get the best results and save so much time.

Connect with us to get Better Faster!

Call now to schedule a free phone consultation with our physical therapist. The free phone consultation is a great way to get your questions answered, meet Dr. Maria, and begin your journey of healing. Call, text, or email to schedule today!

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